That one and a half hours session of EFT with Reena Mam has been a life changing experience for me. It literally drained out the negativity in me which was bothering me since long without myself knowing it and gave me a new insight towards life.Now I am full of positive energy and as all say positivity attracts positivity which is what I am experiencing now and its a great feeling. Now I have much much better relationship with my husband and other family member.I can give more productive time to my son and take out time for myself too.Thanks Reena Mam for such miraculous change in my life.

EFT is a very quick and a powerful method to release negative emotions and to reach the root cause of our difficulties. I was facilitated by Dr. Reena Singh. She has helped me to bring in more control of my emotions and direct them towards positive thinking. Once I was in control of my own actions and emotions, I was in a better position to address my kids and their issues. I also went for surrogate EFT sessions for my children. This helped me to understand their issues in a clearer way. I had all my answers within, but EFT and surrogate tapping helped me to bring those answers to the surface so that I understand my issues or my children’s issue in a better way. Once you are aware of the root cause of problems, and it gets addressed; a lot of other issues linked with it also get resolved. EFT has surely turned out to be an effective tool for me.
Sharing the testimonial with lots of gratitude 🙂

I met Dr Reena for my 10 yr old son as he was facing some sensory integration issues which were affecting his performance in school. This had come up right in the middle of a very rough turmoil in my life and without knowing it I was on a brink of a break down.
While I was obsessing about my son and discussing therapies etc, Reena made me look a little inwards. Like a ray of Sun lighting up a dark corner, she very lovingly made me realize that there was a lot of stress and anxiety that was borne and held onto by me; inside me! And being the only care giver for my child, it ought to be reflecting on his subconscious as well.
It was then Reena introduced me to EFT and as clichéd as it sounds; my life changed forever.

EFT is an extremely effective and targeted process of identifying, acknowledging and releasing the source of dark and negative energies that we carry on our subconscious/souls from who knows how many life times.
The therapy sessions in itself for me were a journey filled with shock, awe and release which Reena took me through very gently and adeptly. The cleansing that it came with permanently altered the blueprint of my core beliefs.
And of course the direct impact of which I saw on my son and the ease with which I was able to work with him on his problem areas (which in itself are being handled very well at Khushi).

I don’t have enough words to thank Reena for what she has and continues to affect in my life. She has been gifted with a rare combination of skill, will and benevolence; all wrapped up in a very loving and humble demeanour.
More strength and more gratification to you Reena, God Bless!

Reena’s EFT facilitation really helped me to clear a lot of my long standing chronic negative memories and beliefs. She helped me to focus on my goals of managing my heartburn without medication and was helpful to remind me of the larger objectives and allowed me the time and space to make my own connections. Reena was sincere, focused and listened to me completely, which really helped in those more intense sessions when I needed her to paraphrase and restate for me to know what I was actually saying. It was very powerful.
She used a timeline approach to help work through a number of related issues. This technique really helped me to revise time periods within my life repeatedly to look for issues that caused emotional disturbances. She was diligent to check and re-check such that by the end it was amazing how there was no charge left at all. I am 90-95% free of my heartburn symptoms and feel that the work I did with Reena was pivotal in making it a reality! Thanks Reena.
Jill Majeski

I am a mother of a 6 year old child and I want to share my journey of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) with you.

My child was diagnosed with Autism when he was 2 years old. Since then life has been a roller coaster ride.

Our Developmental Pediatrician, Dr. Rajeshwari Ganesh suggested us to meet Dr. Reena Singh, an occupational therapist. I had no idea what occupational therapist is. When we met her, she observed Tanav and tried to communicate to him in ways I was very unknown about. Later with time, I learnt it was taking the child’s lead.

We started therapies with Khushi immediately post diagnosis and on the first day itself Tanav got pally with his therapist which was like a big thing back then as he was never very comfortable with new people. But as he met Pooja, his therapist for the first time, transition from my arms to her was so easy and natural. At that very moment I got the feeling I am at the right place.

Well therapies were going on fine and Tanav was progressing, but at a very slow and steady pace. The more I tried to keep my anxiety level normal by saying to myself, don’t think negative, the more anxious I was becoming. I had accepted my child and his Autism but I was anxious about me not doing enough. So I detached myself from things I liked, to focus on my child. I stopped meeting my friends, who have always been my life support system. I stopped going out as he used to cry very much in unknown surroundings and I thought why to torture him for my happiness!

Then at a school reunion, where I was pushed by my best friend to come, I met my school mate Sheetal Bhan Kher. Tanav was now 3 and a half year old. She asked me, “Prerana, why is Tanav still in diapers?” I told her everything, the diagnosis and the struggles he is facing. She said, “You have to come to my place”. I smiled and let that pass. After few days she called me and pushed me to meet her. I went to her place and we spoke our hearts out. Then she told me her journey of healing and gave me a book to read – “ The Journey” by Brandon Bays.

As I finished the book, I started looking out for a healer who could help me and my child. I called few friends and was searching everywhere. In that same week Tanav’s monthly observation was scheduled with Dr. Reena Singh. This healer search was on mind but I didn’t speak about it with Reena Ma’am, wondering what she would think. And suddenly during the observation, Reena Ma’am turns to me and says, “Prerana, you know what? I have learned EFT and I want to start it for my Khushi parents!” Woah… This was huge how universe had responded to my search. I said I want to do it as soon as possible!

On an appointed day and time, we started with our session. First I thought I would do it to heal Tanav but as the session progressed I understood I needed healing first. We did the tapping, I cried my heart out and when I came out of the session, I felt little lighter. I started doing things that had come up in the session. I started meeting my friends and going out and I saw that the more happier I was, Tanav was getting more calmer. We had a follow up session in which my migraines were resolved. Was this happening for real? Yes, it was!!

Then one day when Reena Ma’am had come for observations and had a free slot in between, we did a surrogate tapping session. In this I went through a transition state and understood what Tanav felt exactly. And let me tell you, it was not a very nice feeling. My baby was so scared and shaky from within. He was so uncomfortable in his own skin. I couldn’t stand that feeling. Is this what he is going through? Day in and day out? Oh, it was heartbreaking! Reena Ma’am, then told me that now as I know how he feels I would be able to help him much better and yes it worked that way. He connected with me because I understood his needs better, I understood his emotions and mood swings better. I was more at peace because now, I was fulfilling ,my needs to stay happy by taking my me time and helping him better as I knew what exactly was happening.

Surrogate tapping also helped Tanav with his constipations. And as his constipation issue got resolved, he was much better in compliance with respect to therapies and play. It was after the issue got resolved I understood, the pain that he must be in. My child is my hero, teaching me so many things on the way!

Three months later, in a group EFT session, we again did a transition thing and I again went to see how he felt now. My child was much calmer and happier person. I was elated. I was thankful that an Angel named Reena Singh is in my life to guide me and protect me in ways that no one else could.

Tanav is turning 6 now and there is immense improvement in him. The therapies are still going on and we are working on his communications, but I know I am on the right track under correct guidance!

Prerana Mandle

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