Communication and Autism

It’s been fifteen years that I have been trying to solve the puzzle of Autism. Since the last fifteen years, I have been getting trained to help out kids with Autism with some great success. However, there are many kids who teach me and inspire me for more learning and blending various treatment techniques. Here […]

Stress in special needs parents and EFT

I have been seeing this child Shubho, 8 years old for therapy sessions. He has a synostosis of the radius and the ulna (fusion of the bones of the forearm). He also has a history of absence seizures. He attends Occupational therapy for his sensory processing issues along with behavioral challenges. Parents reported lots of […]

Rimzim’s journey with Learning Disability

I was very happy to meet one parent who came to me today and that feeling is still keeping me floating like a happy balloon moving with the wind in any direction that it takes me. I was seeing this child Rimzim who is seven years old and who was diagnosed with learning disability and […]

Vestibular System

So where is this vestibular system? And what does it do? Why is it so important in the sensory Integration approach? Vestibular system is present in the inner ear and plays a very important role in detecting movement of head in relation to the rest of the body. It works very much in unison with […]

My journey with Primitive Reflexes..

My journey with Primitive reflexes Ever since I was an Occupational therapy student, I remember loving to study and understand about primitive reflexes. However, in my college days, we used the primitive reflexes to learn and work more with kids who had delayed motor milestones. I still remember the discussions that we used to have […]

Bowel and bladder training for kids with Sensory Processing disorder:

Bowel and bladder training for kids with Sensory Processing disorder So, we all know that we have five senses 1. Vision 2. Smell 3. Touch 4. Taste 5. Hear And Occupational therapists know that we also have 2 additional senses 6. Proprioception (where is my body in space) 7. Vestibular (where is my head and […]