About The Book

Little Parenting Guru

A must read book for every Parent to become a real expert in making decisions for kids

In this book, Reena has provided snippets of her interaction with her son and how each interaction helped her as a therapist and as a parent to grow. Her son Neel helped her to reach to the infinite potential within herself and mature in mindfulness.

As each day passed by, she saw that she was getting acutely aware of every interaction with her son. She was learning to manage her emotions and not project it on her little son. She talks about how she became a detective and learnt to take decisions for her son from her heart or from her head. According to her, her son gives her ample opportunities to take the lift from head to heart and vice- versa and she is becoming an expert in making decisions for her son.

She believes that her son is truly a parenting guru and each one us is blessed by these little gurus in our house. It is just about decoding the messages, learning from them and evolving!!She shares simple tips on how to learn from these sweet little gurus in our house and evolve!!


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