Matrix Reimprinting

After completing my EFT training, I was keen to know about the Matrix Reimprinting program and how it helps. I was told that EFT is the base and that the matrix is a level above the EFT. EFT helps in removing the negative memories and negative beliefs but matrix helps to reimprint the same memory or the belief with a new pleasant one. In such a case, when the person attempts to remember the negative memory, only the new imprinted one is retrieved.

Most of this sounded good as a theory and I wanted to learn this so that I could blend this at Khushi. I wanted the therapies at Khushi to be more holistic. Whenever, parents would come to me for therapy, I used to sense that the family dynamics is shaken up because of the diagnosis and also in general because of stress. I also believe that the plant (child) will grow and develop if the soil (family) is enriched and provides all the nutrients (positive emotions in the form of love and appreciation) that are needed.

So here I was in this training which was led by Dr. Rangana Rupavi Chaudhari. She usually teaches the concept and then does a practical demonstration. She asked the participants about who will be keen to do the practical demonstration with her on the “hot seat”. I decided to go not realizing what I was entering into. When I did the process, I was shocked, amazed and even disoriented for a short while, I was automatically regressed to two memories which had a grip on me so strong that I felt them everyday in every waking moment of my life. Those memories had changed my personality and the way I expressed myself.

I first went into a memory when I was just coming out of my mom’s birth canal. Another one which came up was when I was in my mom’s womb, five months old. There were harsh words spoken to my mom which felt like a current of impulses entering into my being while I lay there helpless and numb but still protected in her womb. The same harsh words were spoken while I was just coming out of the birth canal and my mom was scared before the umbilical cord was cut. That feeling of fear and the deep sigh stayed with me till now.

The entire experience was like an eye opener and I came out of the whole experience feeling “free”.
The entire memory has changed and so also is my personality after that session. I am very grateful to have been a part of the session which helped me so very much. I got to know myself and it was nice getting introduced to my own TRUE self. I experienced my first “satori” moment and had an “out of the body” experience in this exercise.

I did the technique with many parents who come to me at Khushi and its amazing how easily every one regressed back into their childhood memories, womb memories or memories of the past life. It is a lovely process of cleaning – and a gentle process of clearing. After, all those negative memories are clean, all that is left is only peace and calm…… And more than that, I see the kids doing well in therapy because our emotion is just energy in motion. When we are stuck with them, the energy is stuck. Post the matrix sessions, the family dynamics got better, the ability to deal with stress got better. Parents passed feelings of love and positivity to the kids because they felt positive and loved. This has impacted the therapy gains and kids are improving faster. It is like taking care of the plant and also ensuring that the soil is enriched….its just amazing!!!

Reena Singh.

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