My journey with EFT

So while I was learning a special class called “Face the Fear” to become a consultant of Rhythmic Movement training, I was introduced to tapping. I learnt that there are various points on our body which when tapped helps to release blocked emotions. There are points called “meridians” which are the energy highways in our body. “Highways…….energy highways….. I was really confused and at the same time equally interested to understand about them and find some way to learn about them.

It was a long journey for me to understand more about tapping -I learnt that it came from TFT and EFT, these words seemed so much greek and latin to me. I googled and found that the tapping came from “thought field therapy”and also used in “emotion freedom techniques”. Still, nothing made sense and my inquisitiveness to learn more about “tapping” was growing to an extent that I could not contain it. I was now really getting impulsive to learn more about it.

I contacted a lot of people and then met Dr.Rangna Chowdhari who introduced me to EFT in her level 1 and 2 class. I was very happy that finally I will get to learn about the various points on which I will learn to do the tapping but she kept tapping on similar points over and over again while speaking different things. I was puzzled. I asked my “impulsive” self to calm down and relax and trust the process. I told myself that I was there for a reason and that I really needed to believe in my instructor.

Over the next two days in the 3 days of training, I saw a lot of changes in myself but the “Ms. Skeptic” in me kept fighting and telling me that it was not helping. After completing the 3 days, I came out as a different person who was no longer carrying weight of guilt/ hurt/ worry. I realised that I was really tired carrying so much weight which gave me breathlessness (for which I was advised a pump), dust allergy and lactose intolerance. I loved “kheer” but every single spoon of “kheer” used to have a thunder and lightning in my stomach followed by massive diarrhoea. Ufff….it was a tragic life situation where I used to literally feel that I will have to take another physical form on this earth to eat “kheer”. Also, old dust and spider webs would give me flu and incessant sneezing and literally drain me out like how we drain water out of sponge. Oh my God…it was a pain !!! But I had learnt to live with it and accepted myself with the way I was. I have always been trekking ever since I was in Class XI but climbing up the slope used to make me breathless. I used to start wheezing and after that used to wait that I will soon be breathless and die. There used to be a block of big rock which used to get stuck in my windpipe leaving no space for the oxygen to pass into my lungs.

Now, I was out of the EFT training and thought that I was better since I had released all the pain and hurt that I have been carrying. After a week, my mom had made “kheer”. Believe me, I really could not resist. There was fight in me -one telling me to have just a spoon and forget about diarrhoea and the other one was a strict teacher inside me teaching that I was behaving like a child. It was too much to resist and I had a spoonful of “kheer”-closed my mouth and felt the bliss in my mouth, Oh my goodness, the taste was out of the world. As soon as I gulped it down my throat and before it could reach my stomach, the teacher in me was angry and screaming at me for this foolishness. I was really sad and also guilty as I sat on a sofa in a corner waiting for the thunder and the lightning. I was waiting and waiting and waiting….. as the screams and cries got louder as time passed by. Now it was half an hour and I was fine, usually I start getting my symptoms in a matter of just 5 minutes. I was wondering “whats wrong or right with me?”. Now it was more than 3 hours and no symptoms. I was even scared to think that I am free of that allergy….The next day, the “child” in me decided to plunge even more and I had a bowl of “kheer” waiting for something to happen but …………..NOTHING!!! I had to believe that I was free. All my allergy was because of the negative emotions that I had been carrying with me since my childhood.

And I am sure you can guess by now, that my dust allergy is also ……….Swoooosh ….GONE.

This simple looking tapping really goes deeper and does all the cleaning that is needed inside. It has cleaned me completely. And now,I am so intrigued and impressed by EFT that I have become a practitioner and doing it to the parents who come to me at Khushi. I also do surrogate tapping for the kids with special needs and also group tapping to help each other through “borrowing benefits”.

Sounds amazing but not real… me even now !!!

Reena Singh.

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