So how exactly should I control my child’s screen time?

Do you remember your childhood days?
I remember playing till I was dead tired….just running around!!
Sometimes pretend play and sometimes board games!!!
Then there was exploring nature and climbing trees…
So many of those games where hands and feet were dirty with mud and muck…
Sometimes watching the birds go home and sometimes gazing at the stars…
I was so very connected and rooted to mother earth.
I got the precious memories of being rooted and embracing my mother earth!

And here comes me today, coming back home in the evening to greet my son and getting back to my whatsapp (screen) or my facebook (screen) !!!
Oh yes! The emails (screen) need to be answered also and so many calls to be returned.
And then I think I should just chill and relax I put on the TV( Screen).
And then you know I have my sacred book of scriptures on my ipad (screen) so I will pray too!
And when thats done and my son plays down, I can read some great books on my kindle (screen)!!

And as my son plays around while I do all of the above,
I teach him that he is not supposed to watch too much TV!!
I teach him that he is not supposed to play on his ipad and that he should control himself and limit the time he spends on it!
I teach him that he is not supposed to see videos on my phone!!
I teach him that he is supposed to look at me and talk rather than answer while watching TV!!!

But is my son going to learn from WHAT I DO OR WHAT I TALK?????
I really need to think …
I know of all the ill-effects that screen time has on kids …
But is it not true for me????
Do I need to get back to my mother earth ?
Don’t I need to put a curfew on my screen time?
Don’t I need to stop all my screen work and look at him when he talks to me ?
Am I just blaming him or I need to be blamed?

I really need to think about this….AND WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Reena Singh.

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