About Reena Singh

Reena Singh is a trained Occupational therapist and founder of Khushi Pediatric Therapy Centre. She works with families of kids with special needs and kids who have emotional and behavioral challenges. With 17 years of experience, Reena works intuitively with kids and their families using an eclectic approach.


Reena has always enjoyed spending time with children, and it was clear to her from the beginning that she wanted a career that would allow her to work and engage with children as much as possible. With the guidance of few friends, she learned about Occupational Therapy and decided to pursue her studies in it.

After completing her graduation she started as an observer with the senior Occupational therapist Medini Padhye in June 2000. It was Mrs. Padhye who realized that Reena wanted more challenges and was meant to work for a bigger cause. She gave her the reference of another Occupational therapist Priti Butti who gave her an opportunity to work with a 15 year old boy called Satyajeet.

How Autism touched her:-

Satyajeet had Autism and he tested Reena’s grit, but with her determination and perseverance she managed to become his friend. She adopted various techniques with Satyajeet to which he started responding well and learnt many life skills in due course. Working with Satyajeet motivated her and encouraged her to focus more towards working in the field of Autism.

Merry Barua, the director of Action For Autism (now National Centre of Autism India) then happened to conduct a seminar on Autism in Mumbai. It inspired Reena to move to Delhi for a few months and learn more about Autism in Merry’s centre. Reena was lucky to stay with Merry and her son Neeraj (who has Autism) which opened up the world of autism and its challenges.

Reena realized how ill-equipped the families of kids diagnosed with Autism are and the hardships they go through. She considers Neeraj and Merry as her guru in this journey. After returning to Mumbai, Reena was determined to help kids who had different kinds of disabilities and developmental issues. Neeraj and Satyajeet had trained her well to address the issues of a lot many young children.

Missing link:-

While Reena helped many people as an Occupational therapist, she couldn’t help but feel that she was missing something in her methods when providing guidance to the people who came to her with their problems. A turning point came in her life when she became a mother of very adorable Neel.

Through motherhood, Reena came to understand the importance of providing a holistic and a happy environment for the child so that the child evolves as a confident and a responsible human being. She considers her son to be her guru who exposed her to the lab of parenting and gave her the hands on experience. In working with different kinds of people, she also realized that most of us are stuck in our self-created emotional cobwebs which stop us from choosing happiness.

Touched by alternate healing methods:-

In her deep desire to help out people, Reena was inspired to learn more and move towards alternate methods of healing. Her drive pushed her to pursue and learn many different techniques in space of alternative and holistic healing. Today, she is also a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)Practitioner, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner and an Advanced EFT Practitioner.

Combining therapy with healing:-

Reena is enjoying her journey as a holistic therapist. She works with variety of adults and children. She has extensive experience in working with people with different kinds of disabilities. Her alternative healing methods also make her a sagacious counselor. Her desire is to heal people physically, mentally and emotionally. Her caliber to reach to the root cause of an individual’s problem and help them live their life with contentment makes her stand out.

Reena Singh professional CV

Little Parenting Guru

A must read book for every Parent to become a real expert in making decisions for kids

In this book, Reena has provided snippets of her interaction with her son and how each interaction helped her as a therapist and as a parent to grow. Her son Neel helped her to reach to the infinite potential within herself and mature in mindfulness.

As each day passed by, she saw that she was getting acutely aware of every interaction with her son. She was learning to manage her emotions and not project it on her little son. She talks about how she became a detective and learnt to take decisions for her son from her heart or from her head. According to her, her son gives her ample opportunities to take the lift from head to heart and vice- versa and she is becoming an expert in making decisions for her son.

She believes that her son is truly a parenting guru and each one us is blessed by these little gurus in our house. It is just about decoding the messages, learning from them and evolving!!She shares simple tips on how to learn from these sweet little gurus in our house and evolve!!

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